So goes the old coaching adage.  Hopefully, people involved in competitive endeavors, be it business, academics, athletics, really any facet of life, are striving to get better. 

During the NBA playoffs a story came out where Lebron James of the Miami Heat came across a video on YouTube of a young man preparing himself to play football at East Carolina University.  Lebron found it so inspiring he turned his coaches and teammates on to it, and they really leaned on the motivation of the video throughout their successful playoff run.  The video went viral, and if you haven’t seen it check it out here:


We have a young man we’ve done some rehab and training work with named Houston Edwards.  Houston is a Coronado High School grad, and has worked his butt off both academically and athletically to get better.  It has paid off so far for him as he attained a full athletic scholarship at Grand Canyon University to play baseball this year .  Houston made his own version of the “Lebron” tape, titled it “Take No Days Off!(Motivation)”   Good job Houston.

Check it out here:


If you have any cool, inspiring videos you’ve seen, share them in the comments below.  We all need to share in motivation and the pursuit of success.