By Chad Dunn



Hello again from Rehab Plus and welcome to all our new followers.  The summer has come and gone, while the speed camps were here and there.  High school sports seasons are right around the corner.  Are you 100% completely prepared??  Many of athletes were shown how to increase their speed this summer and develop a “motor”, hoping to excel during this sports season.  Any athlete having a great motor also needs to be equipped with a great set of “brakes”.  Learning to run fast, focused on better mechanics while providing more force through the ground and maintaining balance.   This is great in a linear race, although it’s obvious that the ability to slow the body down as quickly as possible in order to make another movement or movements is critical to performance and is key to many field, racket and action sports.  The key to stopping the body when decelerating from a sprint or landing from a jump is the eccentric contraction.  If an athlete’s muscles are not sufficiently eccentrically conditioned then the muscles will be unable to control the force of the movement and lead to injuries.  The more the muscles are trained to decelerate, the greater the control.  Therefore, the strain that is placed on the hip, knee and ankle joints are lower with more power being available to accelerate.  Visualize yourself as a “formula 1 driver” not a “runaway train”, making plays in tight spaces!!  Contact Rehab Plus to learn more on our conditioning and movement programs.  

Chad attended Arizona State University majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Spanish.  Chad develops our sports camps and sports charitable programs, including work with Phoenix Suns charitable youth programs.  He has extensive experience in orthopedics and strength and condition, working with all ages and sports.