This past week you may have read the Sports Illustrated “Where are the now?” about UFC 1.  It is hard to believe that this original fight, almost 20 years ago, started one of the most popular televised sports today.  Many of you may have never seen this original fight but it was quite different than the fights you see today on the UFC and it took some very special fighters to take on this challenge.  First this fight was a no holds barred fight with only rules barring eye gouging and low blows.  The round time limits were 5 minutes but the only way to win was via knock out, submission, throwing in towel by corner, or referee stoppage due to excessive bleeding.  In order to win the $50,000 prize you had to fight and win three fights on the same night.  The selection of the fighters was to represent the best from different fighting styles and not from the mixed training the UFC fighters get today.  These fighters pioneered the MMA fighting we have today.

What some of you may not know is that one of the fighters was our own, Zane Frazier!

Ult. Fighter/Smith

Zane is still at it and is still training folks in MMA at our Rehab Plus Phoenix location and at Phoenix Country Club.  He made a commitment to keep himself in fighting shape and is scheduled to fight this fall in a nationally televised King of the Cage at Talking Stick Resort fight rumored to be against Hershel Walker!  Well done, Zane!  If you want to read more pick up this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated or visit



Here are some videos of Zane on YouTube: