Ecclesiates 1:9- “There is nothing new under the sun”.

I recently attended a conference that dealt with some new “cutting edge” performance protocols and it got me to thinking.  Following are a couple examples:

1960 something –  As a young boy I remember going to karate lessons and the first thing the sensei talked about was “Ki”, or controlled breathing.

Centuries old – “Ki” Breathing

2013-  “Performance breathing”, i.e. breathing from the diaphragm is critical to athletic performance. The presenters listed breathing protocols to be done throughout the day given your state of mind/body. Quote:” As your breathing slows down, the game slows down”.  Hmmm…No kidding?

Present – Performance Breathing

1970 something-  As a teenager I get a job on a construction site “carrying hod” i.e. buckets of cement and crates of bricks to be delivered to the brick layers.   Tough, full-filling work, you earned your money.

Early 1900’s

2013:  “Loaded Carries” are one of the favorite exercise choices of many performance “gurus” for working dynamic core stabilization into a conditioning exercise.  “Farmer’s walks” , like carrying buckets of milk, or mud, are a staple of this protocol.

Present Strongman Competition

Back in the day we got paid for toting heavy stuff around.  Overhead carries?  Try hanging drywall.

1980 something-   While giving a presentation to a group of players, coaches and parents at a soccer clinic I was coaching/explaining the benefit of a “dynamic mobility” warm-up and its superiority as a pre-practice/match warm-up to the conventional method used at the time, called “static stretching”.   A couple of the parents who were originally from Eastern Europe mentioned that the “dynamic mobility” warm-up was what they used when they were young kids playing soccer.  One of the American parents mentioned “It looks a lot like some of the old calisthenics we used to do in gym class back in the day”.  Exactly.

1920's Baseball Calisthenics
1920’s Baseball Calisthenics

2013:  Dynamic Mobility Warm-up remains the preferred method of pre-activity warm-up, but has now been coined “Movement Preparation”.

Present - Dynamic Warmup/Movement Preparation
Present – Dynamic Warmup/Movement Preparation

At any rate, we could go on and on, just wanted to share and get some of your thoughts on “what’s old is new again”.