Erik Widmark, Executive Director of the Grand Canyon State Games

In the course of writing our newsletter, one of the topics we really wanted to hit on was the importance of QUALITY COACHING.   I have  a list of a number of coaches I really respect and thought I’d start calling them and getting some “coaching gems”.   One of my first calls was to an old friend of mine, Erik Widmark, who we kindly refer to as “Wid”.  Prior to becoming the executive director of the Grand Canyon State Games in 1995, Wid had played wide receiver in the National Football League, and went to have a long coaching career in the NFL,  culminating in becoming the director of player personnel for the Arizona Cardinals.  Wid had basically one piece of advice, Be a Pro!  These are words you constantly hear in the athletic world, and they really are the key to career productivity and career longevity.  When I say be a pro, I mean show up early to work, pay attention, work hard, be supportive of your teamates, just do the right things.  And don’t forget that discipline is what you do when someone’s not watching”.  I thought this would be great to post. 

Then me and Wid got to talking, and the next thing you know we’re gonna do some joint collaborations between Rehab Plus and the Grand Canyon State Games that I think will be really cool.  You’ll be hearing more from us on Wid and the GCSC, as well as getting some coaching points from other quality, experienced coaches.  Want to learn more about Wid and the Grand Canyon State Games.