Total Knee Series: “Pearls of Wisdom” from Mitch Bruning, PT

In another installment on our series on total knee replacement, here are some tips from Mitch Bruning, PT.  Mitch has some great insights.  Thanks Mitch!


Check out this video of Mitch Bruning, PT demonstrating the benefits of the KIM Machine
Check out this video of Mitch Bruning, PT demonstrating the benefits of the KIM Machine
Mitch’s Pearls of Wisdom for treating knee pain!
  1. Get in as good of physical condition as your injured knees allows ASAP.  This includes the uninvolved leg, upper body strengthening and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Personally, I would not wait until you are completely dysfunctional.  I feel that with today’s procedures and surgical implants you should consider total knee surgery (TKA) as soon as you can no longer move and function as you desire to.
  3. Choose your surgeon carefully.  We at Rehab Plus have a lot of “boots on the ground” experience with a number of different surgeons and their outcomes.  We have NO financial motivation, and we are happy to offer unbiased advice on surgeons.We can also help you set your expectations as to how the process will proceed.
  4. Get into a quality out-patient PT program as soon as your surgeon will allow.  Work hard and consistently from the beginning and you will have  a more “complete” outcome much quicker.
  5. We have found the use of the KIM (Knee in Motion) device to provide a better overall outcome in a much quicker period of time.
  6. DO NOT compare your situation, progression, or outcome to anyone else’s.  There is no “black and white” in medicine.  It is always different for each patient, it will be “your own journey”. Most of todays outcomes are excellent, but the path to to that outcome is NEVER the same.
  7. Get back to your life; have some fun doing it!!

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