We started the first NFL Combine training program in 1985.  As the years passed, specialized training facilities started popping up all over the country.  Most facilities (including ours) had a supplement sponsor and part of the training programs intent was to try and educate the athletes on how to eat properly.  Some of the facilities went so far as to build kitchens, hire  chefs and feed the players at their facility.  We had no intention of getting into the “restaurant” business so we were introduced to Sunfare as a means of outsourcing all the nutritional details.  The results we have seen have been fabulous, and now not only are the professional athletes using Sunfare, but a number of our physical therapy patients and  our training clientele as well.

Sunfare basically custom designs a meal plan and nutritional strategy around each individuals goals (weight loss, weight gain, incrase in lean muscle mass, or just getting “ripped”) and delivers the meals DAILY to the individuals home.  EVERY bit of food is natural, prepared daily, and measured to the exact content of desired nutrients and calories.  Carl has been more than helpful in assisting all of our clients and patients that have used Sunfare.  Not to name drop, but Sunfare’s Arizona clients include about 20 members of the Arizona Cardinals, over 70 major league baseball players during spring training, and a host of local celebs.  Sunfare’s Los Angeles operation has a very big following in the music and entertainment industry. 

Here are just a couple cases we had involving NFL players and the results they had using Sunfare: (I should preface this by saying that these players were doing intense physical conditioning on a daily basis, BUT in comparison to previous years when players were given meal plans and going out to eat or trying to prepare the food on their own, the bottom line results were much better and the process much,  much simpler.  You basically take the guesswork out of how to eat for your goals,you just eat the food they give you, and the food is delicous!).

Case 1:  Quarterback-   Starting bodyweight:  195  Starting bodyfat:  12.1%    Goal:  Increase bodyweight to 210-215, decrease bodyfat.

                6 weeks later                    bodyweight  212                bodyfat   6.8%
Case 2:  Quarterback    Starting bodyweight:   236  Starting bodyfat:   13,7%   Goal:   Decrease bodyweight to 222-227, decrease bodyfat

                6 weeks later                    bodyweight   222               bodyfat     8.4%
Case 3:   Quarterback    Starting bodyweight     214  Starting bodyfat     10.4%  Goal:   Increase bodyweight, maintain lean muscle mass

                 6 weeks later                   bodyweight   226                bodyfat       9.8


Without a good nutrition plan your workouts cannot provide the results you wish to achieve.  You are what you eat.  Interested in learning more about what Sunfare offers.  Visit www.sunfare.com.