We are constantly being asked by young athletes “what extra stuff can I be doing to get better?”  They ask about doing extra strength work, extra running, doing yoga, swimming, all involving additional physical exercise.  To quote John Wooden “Don’t mistake activity for achievement”.  Here are a couple simple suggestions that would benefit not only young athletes, but everyone interested their health.
1.  SLEEP–  Recovery and restoration are overused terms nowadays.  People think of doing mobility complexes, foam rolling, soft tissue work, saunas, which are all good, BUT the KING of Recovery is SLEEP.  Getting 8-10 hours of restful sleep a night  will do wonders for your body as well as your mind.  For a good reference on the values of sleep check out the book “Lights Out” by T.S. Wiley and Brent Formy, PhD.   For a lot of young folks that means not texting, facebooking, watching TV until 3 in the morning. 

2. PROPER NUTRITION–   We like to ask kids, “what’s the best supplement there is?’  They’ll typically reply creatine, or whey protein, or NO2 or something like that.  Our emphatic answer is FOOD!  We have a long relationship with Sunfare Foods ( a fantastic meal delivery company whose clients include high end professional athletes,  a ton in the entertainment business, and folks like us that just want to maximize our health) and will be partnering with them to bring you more exensive  nutritional information on this site.


Having mentioned supplements, we must say that one supplement that works (as documented in scientific literature) is fish oils.  Besides having natural anti-flammatory benefits and blood and heart health benefits, fish oils are GREAT for your skin as well.  Using common sense, and knowing that skin is the largest organ in the body,  if  fish oils help your skin, they must help your internal organs as well!

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