Happy New Year, and we wish you an awesome 2013!  As you start creating you list of things you want to accomplish this year, exercise and weight loss seems to be on everyone’s list.  Gyms will be packed for the first month and it will gradually die down as people fall off their resolution.  One of the biggest problems for many people to start a good exercise and diet program is that they are already dealing with pain and discomfort.  This leads many to never achieving their goal.  It’s a vicious cycle of waiting for the  injury  to heal or pain to go away, then you do something to aggravate the injury and it starts all over again.  This is why physical therapy has been such an important part of helping people get back to a healthy lifestyle and break the cycle.  Most land based physical therapy programs can address the pain and the injury to set you for a good start to your New Year’s goals, but sometimes you need a little more when it comes to joint pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and muscle weakness.  This is where aquatic therapy can serve as a good option for many people.  The goal of aquatic therapy is to progress a person to doing more land base exercise programs and return them back to more function with every day activities.  The buoyancy of the water allows you to exercise with less pressure on the joints, tendons and muscles.  This allows for less pain in movement while encouraging tissue growth and increased joint stability.  What is also encouraging is that you are in a therapy setting, with an expert to oversee your progress and comfortable exercise environment to workout in.  It’s less congested and less intimidating as some of the gym programs can be when starting off.  So if you are looking to overcome the excuse that “I can’t exercise because I am in pain.”, contact our Scottsdale office at 480-419-3500 to schedule your aquatic therapy today.