large_pickemOver the last few weeks we have been speaking with a sports pick expert and it’s been hard to deny he gets an awful lot of them right!  We continue to refer to him as the “Rain Man”.

Ok, last week we gave you two of “Raymond’s” picks.  He actually gives us scores which were: UCLA 42 Nebraska 20.  Final score :  UCLA 41  Nebraska 21. Pretty close considering Nebraska was 5 point favorite at home!    Other predicited score was : Alabama 43 Texas A & M 30.  Final score Alabama 49 Texas A & M 42 , pretty close but missed hitting the point spread (Alabama minus 9) when Texas A & M scored a late touchdown.  For the first couple weeks of the college season “Raymond” is 7 for 7 picking winners, 6 for 7 on the point spreads, and 7 for 7 on the over/under.  Pretty good!


Here is one of his predicted scores this weekend:   Texas 34  Kansas State 17.  Check in with us weekly for his updated picks.  Let us know if you agree with his pick!

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  1. September 22, 2013

    He hit another with the spread and over/under! How about his NFL picks? Hope all is well at Rehab Plus.

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