The Madness is Over, Contest Winners Announced!

March Madness is over and while I personally got slaughtered this year with my choices, I am happy to announce we had some great participation for the contest and a lot of people made some surprisingly good picks.  Here are the winners of our 1st Annual March Madness Contest.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize (Amazon Kindle Fire) Winner – Tara Lindsey
Most Correct Picks Prize (3 total) – Frank Denogean (Desert Belle Cruise for 2), Lindsey Belk (Massage Gift Certificate), and Annet Rhoades (Massage Gift Certificate)
“I wouldn’t go to Vegas with this person” Prize— The least number of correct picks
  • We won’t announce this winner, we plan on showing up and surprising them with this prize.  Needless to say this winner made no correct picks.  If a satellite was falling out of the sky you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them.  It is most likely that this person may have been struck twice by lightning.


 Thank you for participating and be on the lookout for our future contests.


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