First Session of Summer Camp Complete/Second Sessions Starts July 5th

The first half of our summer camp has been a lot of fun with a lot of coaching, learning, and production! We are completely full of participants as we wrap up the first session this week. Special thanks to Mike Walker for assisting us in the camp. Also special thanks to our guest speakers Rob Fredrickson, Rudy Carpenter, and Ryan Kealy. We also received great leadership from our senior member Luke Zuluaga. Luke has been working with us every summer since he was in middle school and he is now off to the Air Force Academy to play football, run track, and become an achieving cadet! Check out Luke’s tape HERE from the Arizona State High School Track and Field Championships. This tape went viral, made USA Today! Luke can run! This year we opened the camp up to some younger athletes and they really stayed focused and learned by watching and paying attention to detail. Looking forward to starting the second half of our camp next week!

Every athlete has improved dramatically and we are proud of all our ahtletes and the gains they have made.  If you have a son or daughter and are interested in seeing them improve athletically, please give us a call at (602) 954-7742 to register.  Click here for more information.

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Rehab Plus MakePlays Summer Sports Camp Starts May 31th, 2016

We are excited to again host our annual camp this summer. We have decided to go back to calling the event our “Makeplays Camp“. We have always used this name, and in fact have it trademarked. We like the term “makeplays” because it denotes the skills we are teaching and coaching leads to the ability to have success in the athletic world:


1.  Multi-directional speed: Linear, lateral, change of direction. “Quickness” and reactive ability.

2.  The ability to decelerate as well as accelerate athletically. i.e. “stop and start” “stop on dime”

3.  Proper footwork and balance in athletic movements

4.  Functional strength and understanding how to transfer and produce power and force in all planes: vertical i.e jumping, horizontal, i.e running fast

5.  Learn how to process information quickly in the field of competition and react to it.

6.  Learn how to mentally approach each phase of athletic practice and competition.

7.  Understand the value of toughness (the ability to make a play when you’re tired or sore) and intelligence will be the traits that will create the most long term success both in the athletic world and the “real world”.

We have hosted this camp for a number of years and our alumni include athletes from the NFL, NBA, Olympic, collegiate and high level high school athletes. That being said, we have always welcomed ANYONE who is willing to show up, work hard, listen and learn, and be consistent.

We will be staffing the camp with our crew at Rehab Plus, plus some guest coaches like Justin Hickman from the Indianapolis Colts. Every year we have a number of surprise guest coaches as well.

Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. at Rehab Plus. We will hold  two sessions. Session I will run every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 31-June 30, 2016 and Session II July 5-August 4, 2016.  Call 602-954-7742 for more information. Look forward to another great summer of working, learning, and getting better.