Make Plays Summer Sports Camp

Starts May 29th


Come join us this summer for our Make Plays Summer Sports Camp at Rehab Plus in Phoenix, Arizona.  This camp will give you the skills to COMPETE and WIN in life and athletics.

Our camp will be coached by Warren Anderson, who has trained thousands of professional, collegiate, Olympic, and high school athletes over the years.  In addition, you will receive training and inspirational talks from our guest coaches who have played or coached professionally.

This camp is designed to develop athleticism.  We will be giving athletes the tools to be quick, become faster in all directions, react, challenge their limits, think critically when exhausted, and to be a competitive play maker.   This camp is not specific to one sport, but all sports.  We will be using the same training techniques that we have used to improve elite athletes for many years.  

If you’re ready to become a better athlete and ready to work, then email us at warrenplus@aol.com or call us (Warren Anderson) at (602) 954-7742 to register.

Rehab Plus Sports Performance and Physical Therapy Facility

4201 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona  85018

Tuesdays and Thursdays   9:00 am – 11:00 am

For Athletes Ages 9 and up

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Space Limited

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“I’ve been going  to Rehab Plus for physical therapy as well as basketball specific strength and conditioning since I was a freshman at St. Mary’s High School. I’m thankful for all your hard work in getting me back on the court and consider all the staff my friends”


APRIL 26, 2014

“The guys at Rehab Plus helped me with a couple of injuries I suffered running track and playing football at Brophy, and they really helped me train for the demands of playing Division I college football. I strongly recommend Rehab Plus.”

MAY 2, 2014

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Camp Staff

Warren-Anderson-150pxWarren Anderson


Warren has owned and operated sports medicine/sports training facilities for over 20 years. He founded Rehab Plus Phoenix in 1985. Since its inception, Rehab Plus Phoenix has been nationally recognized for its successful physical therapy operations as well as its ability to attract a large population of professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes. Prior to his career in sports medicine, Warren coached football at the college and professional levels. He was also a strength and conditioning coach at the college and professional levels.

Warren earned his Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Southern Illinois University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a member of the American Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American Medical and Fitness Association. He is a past Special Advisor to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

Warren is credited with starting the first NFL Combine training program in 1985 and has continued to operate these camps every year since. In that time he has worked with over 500 players that were drafted in the NFL, including 41 first round draft picks. In addition to working daily in the clinic with patients, Warren also runs speed and conditioning camps for the elite athlete population as well as a number of sports conditioning programs geared for the high school athlete.

dan-150x150Dan Herrle


Dan joined our staff shortly after completing an undergraduate internship with us in January 2013.   Dan basically made himself invaluable to us with his work ethic, ability to pick things up quickly, and his great communication skills with both patients and staff.Dan can seamlessly work between corrective exercise instruction in the physical therapy department to on field coaching in the sports performance arena.  Dan is a team player and we are very pleased and excited he is part of our team.

Dan played collegiate baseball and is particularly well versed in all training aspects involving baseball performance.

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