1st place 2013

Rehab Plus Ahwatukee went through some big changes in 2013….literally.  They moved their office from a 3000 sq. ft. location to an over 9000 sq. ft. location.  Their main focus with this move was to keep that fun, friendly and professional atmosphere that Ahwatukee had come to expect and expand their service offerings to the community.  Well if anything is a good barometer of how you’re doing, the annual Ahwatukee Foothills News “Best of” publication asks the community for their feedback.

Over the years Rehab Plus Ahwatukee has consistently rated a Best of Ahwatukee in 2 categories “Best Place for Physical Therapy/Rehab” and “Best Place to get a Massage”.  This year they placed 1st in not only 2, but 3 categories!  For 2013 Rehab Plus Ahwatukee placed 1st in “Best Place for Physical Therapy/Rehab”,  “Best Place to get a Massage”, and “Best Place to Workout”!  They also were awarded 2nd place out of all Ahwatukee Businesses for “Best Customer Service”!  No other business in Ahwatukee was awarded such accolades for 2013.

Rehab Plus would like to thank the Ahwatukee community, patients, clients and friends for taking the time to vote this year.  The bar has now been set high for them in 2014 and Rehab Plus is thankful for the opportunity to serve you!