Santa Pushes Sleigh

Did you ever hear about the 1851 incident when Santa’s reindeer took off during his last few visits and he had to push his sleigh to the rest of the good boys and girls?  Well, let’s just say if Santa hadn’t been in great condition there would have been many sad boys and girls on Christmas day.  We asked Santa to help us put together a little challenge for those up to the task and this is what he came up with.

The prowler “our Christmas Sleigh” is a piece of equipment used in elite athletic training programs that we utilize quite frequently at Rehab Plus.  The prowler has numerous applications both in the therapeutic and conditioning realms.  Based on Santa’s specifications, we’ve started a “prowler challenge”.  Today was day 1, with our “virgin” contestants, Cole Wiegand and Chad McClanahan, two Brophy Prep football players.

Check out the video, basically the challenge is loading the prowler up to 265 pounds ( four 45 lb plates stacked , plus weight of sled=265 lbs) and completing a 60 yard shuttle (15 yards down , spin the sled around, 15 yards back, repeat for 60 yards total). The clock starts on initial sled movement and stops when it crosses the finish line.

As of 12/17/13, for the men, the time to beat is Cole Wiegand, 34.55 seconds.  For the women, the time to beat is Kara Storm, with a time of 1 minute 10 seconds.

Be forewarned, this is tough, and we WILL make adjustments for bodyweight in loading the sled. Good luck!

Update 1/1/2014:  Awesome effort by Brophy Prep’s, Will Edwards