Phase 1: Rehab Plus Interior Improvement Project

The first phase of the Rehab Plus Interior Improvement Project commenced on Tuesday night.  The first phase of the project will include refinishing the interior block wall and removing defects, then we will begin painting the interior walls as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.  We know this has been long-awaited for and we can’t wait to finish our upgrades to provide our patients and clients with an awesome looking facility.  The ownership and employees of Rehab Plus are devoted to living up to our reputation as being the best facility for physical therapy and sport performance training and strive to only get better.  With that, we will be improving the facility over the next year to match your expectations.

Although we will do our best to minimize any inconveniences, we ask for your patience over the next few months if some equipment is temporarily unavailable.

We thank Roger Spade, master builder, craftsman,  and builder of the KIM Machine, for all his hard work during our renovations.

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