It seems like every year we have at least one of our friends vying for the football’s ultimate dream of winning a Superbowl ring. This year we want to congratulate 5 of our alumni for making it to the big game this year.

For the New England Patriots:








# 72 Matt Light – Matt is the left offensive tackle for the Pats, has been playing at a high level since he got there in 2001. Matt worked with us prior to the 2001 combine, a very good athlete for a “big guy”, a hard worker who studies his trade.






#50 Rob Nincovich- Rob worked with us prior to the 2006 combine. Like Matt, he played at Purdue. Rob bounced around the league for a few years before landing with the Pats last year where he developed into a starting linebacker. Rob’s is a great story of perseverance, and knowing that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”.






#11 Julian Edelman- This one is on our friend and associate Charlie Frye. Julian was a college quarterback at Kent State. Following his senior year, his dad reached out to Charlie to help convert Julian to the wide reciever position. We all know how Charlie can grind, it paid off as Julian was drafted by the Patriots, has played well for them and now plays wide reciever, fills in as a corner on defense, and plays on all the special teams.

For the New York Giants:






#66 David Diehl- David worked with us prior to the 2002 combine and has come out for a number of off-seasons with us. He was part of our summer training crew on a few occasions. Dave is a great guy who is now the starting left guard for the Giants, he has played tackle as well, and has played at a pro bowl level for many years in the league.






#87 Dominick Hixon (Injured reserve)- Dominick was a college teammate of Charlie Frye’s at Akron who worked with us prior to the 2005 combine. Dominick has played well throughout his career but has been battling injuries the past couple years. Dominick is a great kick returner and was a starting wide receiver prior to getting injured this year. Dominick was one of the many wide receivers who benefited from Andre Hastings coaching while with us.

Good luck guys!