At Rehab Plus Physical Therapy we realize that sooner or later we all get injured, and when we do we want the highest level of care. That’s why we use the most sophisticated techniques that have been proven to restore full health and beyond. Our specialized physical therapy programs have helped many world class athletes, including those from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and WNBA. However, our specialized therapy programs are not just for professional athletes.

At Rehab Plus all of our patients receive the same top quality care. We meet individually with each patient to determine a program that not only addresses their specific injury but one that also keeps in mind their needs and concerns. You and your injury dictate the therapy, not the insurance company and not a corporate office.

Rehab Plus is owned by the physical therapists who provide your care. We are involved with all of our patients, and we treat every injury with the same diligence. It doesn’t matter if you were hurt making a tackle, were involved in a traffic accident, or had surgery, we will help you get back on track.




Rehab Plus Physical Therapy offers many services to get you back in great health. We offer physical therapy, occupational rehabilitation, sport injury rehabilitation, physical reconditioning, sports performance training, personal training, and pre-/post-op rehabilitation


Post-surgical rehab
Shoulder pain
Rotator cuff injuries
Knee and ankle injuries
Ankle sprains
Balance or coordination
Plantar fascitis
Sports injuries
Tennis elbow
Muscle strains
Low back pain
Neck pain
Tingling or numbness

Bursitis / Tendinitis
Leg pain
Pregnancy-related back pain
Work-related injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Sacroiliac injuries
Auto injuries
Gait analysis
Running analysis



“I went to the ground with a back spasm, picking up a dog bone.  I don’t remember experiencing that kind of pain. I couldn’t even walk.  A friend encouraged me to go to Rehab Plus since she had such great results from her physical therapy there. I met with Mitch and he began an aggressive treatment with me.  I run, bike, swim, hike, and play a lot of tennis.  I was soon back to doing my thing, with some hip pain.  Mitch encouraged me to get an MRI as he felt I had a disc issue in my spine.  He was right.  The MRI revealed I had a bulging disc. He went back to work on me as I was training for the Southwest Sectionals Tennis Tournament.  Our team placed 2nd  in the National Tennis Championship, the first time a Phoenix team has made it that far.  Rehab Plus helped me accomplish a dream.  Thanks for taking such good care of me!” -Cathy Ellington, Active Mom and Tennis Player