Ok, after a down week and on the comeback trail,  Raymond has some games he “likes”:  As the season goes on it becomes tougher and tougher for him to predict.


Oregon State plus 2 1/2 points vs Washington State


UCLA minus 24 1/2 points vs. Cal


LSU minus 6 1/2 points vs. Florida


Oklahoma minus 13 1/2 points vs. Texas


Some score predictions:


Oklahoma 34 Texas 17


LSU 37 Florida 27


UCLA 52 Cal 24


Oregon State 42 Washington State 34


He also likes the way certain college teams score a lot of points and have superior tendancies to score enough points to be OVER the Total Score Projection (i.e. over/under)


For example, he likes:


Baylor and Kansas State to be OVER 74 total points


Texas Tech and Iowa State to be OVER 56 1/2 points


Oregon and Washington OVER 76 1/2 points


Expect a bounceback week, as Ray says, “get the Babbitt Habit”!