Rain man mad


“Raymond Babbitt” had an uncharacteristic off week with his picks last week, he was 2 for 4 picking winners, and 0 for 4 vs the spread.  On the season he’s 16 for 18 picking winners, and 12 for 18 vs the spread.  “Ray B.” was upset by the results, and through his people told us he was going to redeem himself this week.  We’ll keep you posted on his picks.

In another note Trung Candidate and Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las Vegas-












Trung Candidate, Rehab Plus Speed Consultant and Former NFL player, visiting with Floyd Mayweather Sr. prior to his son’s fight with Canelo Alvarez.  Many of you may know that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is an avid college football fan and has done well himself making some high profile bets on teams.  Maybe he will pick up what “Rain Man” is putting down.