Power Plate Hamstring ROM for Runners


As part of our internship curricullum, we like to have our students write up a piece on a subject that interests them in the confines of their internship. James Armstrong, ASU student, wrote this piece about Whole Body Vibration via the Power Plate, a rehabilitation tool we’ve found very valuable at Rehab Plus.  Thanks to Jo Dibuz, University of Illinois-Chicago Physical Therapy Clinical Rotation Intern for the video demonstration.

The Power Plate is continuously producing positive outcomes for all types of people, whether an athlete training or a patient going through rehabilitation protocols. The Power Plate machine provides what is called whole-body vibration (WBV), which is designed to decrease muscle soreness, increase circulation, increase muscular power and strength and even promote better range of motion. The Power Plate accomplishes this by emitting vibrations throughout the body at different frequencies, rest intervals, and amplitudes in order to promote the body to recruit more muscle fibers, thus training more muscle fibers than traditional training. By offering the wide variety of settings, The Power Plate is able to offer the greatest performance outcomes to a wide variety of users. Rehab Plus recognizes The Power Plate as a top-tier rehabilitation and performance machine, and are able to offer these benefits to produce astounding outcomes.

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