Darren Mougey

Great to see Darren Mougey (Chaparral/San Diego State/ NFL ) back in town after the NFL draft!  Darren is now working in the scouting department for the Denver Broncos.  Was great to get to visit with Darren, talk about evaluating talent at the highest level, and what he’s learned this year.  All the things we like to do keep our programs cutting edge and give ALL our people the best chance at success!!  Check out this tape

Guys like Peyton Manning with his commitment and focus create WINNING!


Also great to see Rod and Nancy Dowhower in town from Atlanta!  Rod will make the time to continue to mentor high school football coaches while in town.  Given his background in the NFL his advice goes a long way to young players and coaches.

mayes_derrick3_3-12Also got to visit with an old pal of ours Derrick Mayes.  Derrick played at Notre Dame, won a Super Bowl ring with the Green Bay Packers, and finished his career with the Seattle Seahawks.  Derrick now lives in Los Angeles and is CEO of a company called Executive Action Sports And Entertainment, which, among other things provides security measures to Fortune 500 companies and executives.  Derrick is on a number of boards across the country.  Derrick is a great example of someone who leveraged the work ethic it took to play professional football, coupled that with the ability to utilize his Notre Dame alumni network, and the smarts it took to graduate from Notre Dame, to create success in the “real world”.    Great to see him doing so well!


Ray PolkSpeaking of the NFL draft, congrats to Brophy alumni and University of Colorado student/athlete Ray Polk for signing a free agent deal with the Seattle Seahawks.





Cody LarsenCody Larsen (see video benching 585 x 3) signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders.






Also had another visitor from Atlanta in town this week, Mike Brown.  Mike continues to run his engineering company while representing football coaches, among them the new coach of the Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians and U of A’s head coach Rich Rodriguez.