Author Thomas L. Sevier, MD, FACSM

ASTYM treatment routinely resolves chronic Achilles tendinitis/tendonitis and Achilles tendon pain.   Here an experienced physical therapist talks about how a runner who had suffered with chronic Achilles tendinitis for over 6 years finally got cured with ASTYM treatment. 

ASTYM is a highly effective Achilles tendonitis treatment because it was scientifically developed to actually regenerate soft tissues on a cellular level.   It works fast (total treatments are usually completed in 6 weeks or less) and consistently. Here are some useful links:


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Thomas L. Sevier, MD, FACSM is a board-certified physician, consultant, author and medical researcher in the area of therapy and rehabilitation.   His focus is the investigation and development of effective treatments for chronic tendon disorders and soft tissue dysfunctions, including resolution of excessive fibrosis and scar that can occur after injury, surgery or overuse.  Dr. Sevier has practiced medicine for over 20 years and is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians and a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine.  During his career, Dr. Sevier has been a faculty member of universities and the executive director of a nationally recognized sports fellowship program that trains the next generation of physicians.   Dr. Sevier serves as the medical director for the institution that researched and developed ASTYM treatment.