This month we are introducing our Physician Spotlight. We will be interviewing local physicians monthly with questions regarding the services they provide. We hope it provides information to assist you in making educated decisions around your injury care. This months spotlight is with Dr. Jason Sherman of Southwest Spine and Sports.

What services do you provide?
As a physiatrist I specialize in musculoskeletal medicine that includes conditions that affect the joints (knees, shoulder, etc.), the back and neck, and the nerves. The services that I provide are the diagnosis non-surgical treatments of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. These include physical therapy prescriptions, peripheral joint injections using ultrasound guidance, and interventional spinal procedures.

When would I need your services?
If you have any kind of pain involving the muscles, joints, back, neck, and/or nerves. These could be recent injuries or long-standing conditions.

What makes you different from other doctors in your specialty?
My focus is treating my patients as a whole. As a physiatrist, my goal is to restore function to my patients. Therefore, I believe in not only treating the specific condition, but tailoring the treatment to best allow my patients to return to what brings them joy in life. I also feel that it is extremely important to involve my patients in their treatment plans. I frequently give my patients options regarding their treatment and allow them to choose whichever plan they feel comfortable with.

What is the benefit to me for using your service?
My practice offers non-operative treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. Such conditions can often be treated effectively without surgery, saving you from unnecessary risk, pain, and lengthy recovery time.

Is there any new medical techniques that you are currently using?

One of the most exciting emerging procedures for soft tissue injuries is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. PRP injections are increasingly popular option with physicians and patients alike, because of their ability to naturally speed the body’s healing process. Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Low Back Pain. In fact, our team is at the beginning stage of initiating a research study for stem cell treatments into lumbar discs, the first of its kind in Arizona.

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