Provide a brief description of the services a patient can expect in your office:

We provide conservative and surgical treatments customized for the patient. Areas of specialization address the simpliest problem to the most complex, from the easiest to the most difficult, caring for kids and adults of all ages. We treat back and leg pain, neck and arm pain, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebrae), pediatric and adult deformity including scoliosis and kyphosis, sport injuries to the spine, work related injuries of the spine, spinal trauma, spinal arthritis, osteoporosis causing compression fractures, tumors, cancer or infections of the spine and failed back surgery

 How long have you been in practice?:

Sonoran Spine Center began in 2000. Dr. Crandall began his practice in 1998.


When would I need your services?:

When you have back or leg or neck or arm pain that has not responded to your current treatments.


What are the benefits to me using your services?:

We treat you simply and comprehensively and the highest of expertise and experiencWe and you will received red carpet customer service as well.


Are there any new medical techniques that you are using?:

We are using many new techniques including robotic spine technology, minimally invasive surgery including fusion and microscopic surgery.

We also provide pain management techniques including radiofrequency ablation.


What makes you different from other doctors in your specialty?:

We specialize and treat all spine problems. We provide expertise in spine–exclusively spine.


Should I go through my primary care physician or can I see you directly?:

Either way. You are welcome at Sonoran Spine Center. If your health insurance does not require you to have a PCP referral, you can call directly.


How long would it take me to schedule an appointment with you?:

Usually about a week depending on the provider. We always see worker’s comp injuries and trauma injuries immediately.


Will my insurance cover your services?:

Probably. We take most insurance. You can go onto our website at and check for sure or call and ask us.