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While most physical therapy clinics can only take your rehab from A to C, Rehab Plus takes you all the way from A to Z. We apply our advanced techniques and customize your treatment based on your goals and the level of activity you want to return to. Whether that means getting back on the field as a professional athlete, skiing after an ACL tear, or just being able to walk your dog again, we will get you there FAST and SAFE.

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RehabPlus is the Phoenix leader in advanced physical therapy and injury rehabilitation for good reason. Watch to find our how our 20+ years experience, facility and staff can help you.

“I went to the ground with a back spasm, picking up a dog bone.  I don’t remember experiencing that kind of pain. I couldn’t even walk.  A friend encouraged me to go to Rehab Plus since she had such great results from her physical therapy there. I met with Mitch and he began an aggressive treatment with me.  I run, bike, swim, hike, and play a lot of tennis.  I was soon back to doing my thing, with some hip pain.  Mitch encouraged me to get an MRI as he felt I had a disc issue in my spine.  He was right.  The MRI revealed I had a bulging disc. He went back to work on me as I was training for the Southwest Sectionals Tennis Tournament.  Our team placed 2nd  in the National Tennis Championship, the first time a Phoenix team has made it that far.  Rehab Plus helped me accomplish a dream.  Thanks for taking such good care of me!”



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