Rehab Plus Internship Programs Continue to Thrive and Gain National Recognition

Throughout the years we have prided ourselves in providing thorough, “real-world” education, and fun learning experiences in ALL of our intership programs.  This year we will have 6 physical therapy students doing clinical rotations at Rehab Plus.  These students are coming from AT Still, Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois/Chicago Circle, and NAU.  Through the years we have taken PT students from Boston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and on and on.  Some of the students contact us because they’ve heard of our programs through national media, testimonial of others, social media or website sources.  Irregardless of how students find us, we are committed to giving them a GREAT internship experience.

Steve Thomas, DPT, is our clinical instructor and Steve does a fantastic job of teaching and managing his students.  The same holds true for our undergraduate internship program.  Each semester, we take up to 6 students (traditionally from Exercise Science/Kinesiology program), and the bulk of them from ASU.  This summer we’re actually taking on a student for an intership out of an Entrepreneurial Studies Program who will be assisting in marketing efforts and product development.  Internships are really a win-win proposition:  the student gets a great learning experience and the academic credit, we get to teach and instruct, and probably most important, get to test prospective future employees.  In this day and age, interships are an invaluable tool both for student and facility!