Greg Hull, USATF Master Coach
Greg Hull, USATF Master Coach

“There is a large abyss between the mountains of Knowledge and Wisdom.  Wisdom is obtained by experiences.  It is refined via the fires of tribulation and adversity.  Wisdom is a slow, laborious process that can not be rushed or obtained by just volitional drive or random accumulation of Knowledge”

We thought it would be kind of cool to talk with some of our associates who have found success in all walks of life and get a few “pearls of wisdom” they’ve accumulated over their respective careers.

Our first guest is our good buddy Greg Hull.  Greg has been coaching Olympic level pole-vaulters for over 30 years. He is currently serving as senior coach for USA Track and Field Olympic Development for the polevault.  He is a USATF Master Coach and the premier speaker at coaching clinics throughout the country.  He has been to every Olympic competition over that period of time and has coached gold medal winners in the event.  Greg has also been involved in the planning and development of elite track and field and sports performance facilities.  He’s also coached numerous other sports, because …he’s A COACH.  At any rate, he’s one of those guys who always has a well thought out answer for any question we may have.   Here are a few “pearls of wisdom” from Greg:

“There is no correlation between being the best talker and having the best idea”.

“If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original”.

“We train animals, we coach people”.

“Encourage you athletes to ask questions and challenge your approach, if you can’t answer them you shouldn’t be coaching”.

“A coach gives correction without resentment”.

Raymond goes 2 for 4 last week, but hits his two favorites!

This week Raymond Babbitt has another 4 games, listed in order of preference:

1. West Virginia minus 6 1/2 vs. Kansas

2. Stanford minus 3 vs. USC

3. U of A minus 13  vs. Washington State

4. Vanderbilt minus 13 vs, Kentucky

Some score predictions:

Stanford 34 USC 27

U of A 45 Washington State 27

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be on the lookout for our future “Pearls of Wisdom” installments.