Kas Gonzalez, PT Shares her Pearls of Wisdom Regarding Total Knee ReplacementKas

Many of you know Kas, she has worked with us for years helping cover when Steve and Mitch are on vacation. But Kas has also had plenty of time working in many different physical therapy settings including running her own practice. With that experience she shares with us the wisdom she has gained around total knee replacement.

1. Control/decrease swelling for maximum flexibility and tone management.

2. Focus on terminal knee extension for proper joint alignment during weight bearing activities. Be cognizant of heel strike and foot positioning alignment when walking, be careful to avoid external rotation which will promote illiotibial band (IT band) tightness and dysfunction.

3. Scar tissue release for tissue restrictions elimination crucial in physical therapy.

4. Gait efficiency and re-education post-op!!

5. Hip and lower extremity strengthening critical pre-op through post-op rehab.