As part of our ongoing total knee rehab series, Steve Thomas, DPT, has given us a short list of some items he thinks are critical in approaching the physical therapy portion of knee replacement surgery.  Consider this Steve’s “Pearls of Wisdom”!

  1. Range of Motion (ROM)- What you have going into the surgery is about what you can expect post-op.
  2. Knee Strength-  NOT just the involved knee but contra-lateral knee as well, as it will be under more stress post-op secondary to compensation.
  3. Hip Strength-  The literature has documented the importance of hip strength in weight bearing function.  Work on it!
  4. Balance/Proprioception- Critical to regain early and continued focus on throughout the rehab process.
  5. Proper/Correct Gait-  If you have been living with knee OA (osteoarthritis) there is a good chance your gait has been affected.  Re-train yourself on good habits prior to surgery as it will be much harder when you are dealing with the pain and tightness post-op.


Thanks Steve!