Dan Selznick
Courtesy of Michael Chow/The Republic


Over the years we have met many athletes and people who have enjoyed success in their careers.  One thing we have learned over the years, you can never stop listening and gaining “pearls of wisdom” from others.  We were fortunate enough to have Dan Selzinck, CEO of the RoomStore, share his “pearls of wisdom”.  Dan Selznick originally came into Rehab Plus for treatment of a ruptured bicep tendon.  To put it mildly, Dan ATTACKS each treatment session with the intent goal of improving daily.  In other words, he treats his physical therapy sessions the same way he treats his business, with focus, intensity, and commitment.  Check out this great article the Arizona Republic did on Dan and The RoomStore a couple weeks ago:


Dan has provided us, as he calls it “Legacy life lesson from the prior generation…”,  short and sweet, right to the point.  Thanks Dan!

1) Hard work pays off.

2) Always express your honesty and integrity.

3) Give something worthwhile back.