Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our series on total knee replacement success stories.  We are fortunate to attract highly motivated, focused individuals to join us in the collaborative effort to achieve optimal results following knee replacement surgery.  This installment we’d like to give you some thoughts on if/when someone is a candidate for a knee replacement and what we feel are crucial steps to achieve the best possible outcome.

Most people who have total knee replacement surgery have exhausted all their treatment options (i.e. physical therapy, hyaluronic acid shots, etc.) and the pain and reduced function let’s them know they are probably going to need a “new knee”.  Imaging via x-ray and/or MRI will confirm the affected knee is “bone on bone”.  Anyone who meets these criteria then has to mentally accept the fact that they are going to need a knee replacement and have a plan:

  1. Due your due diligence in choosing a surgeon.  A lot of people like to interview 2-3 orthopods to try to find “the right fit”.  We are asked quite often to recommend joint replacement surgeons and can be of help in this department given our network of associates and experience.
  2. Get yourself in the best physical shape you can prior to the surgery.  Focus on getting knee joint range of motion and lower extremity strength.
  3. Have goals you want to accomplish after the surgery: i.e. hiking, tennis, skiing, etc. , and be mentally prepared to achieve those goals.
  4. Begin aggressive outpatient physical therapy as soon as possible after the surgery.  The sooner you can begin an all inclusive total knee rehab protocol like the one we use at Rehab Plus, the quicker and more efficient your recovery will be.

We’ve kept this short but we will be offering personal insights into total knee rehab from our physical therapy staff in weeks to come.