Did you know that over 400 Olympic medals were won by Dartfish users? So what is Dartfish?  Dartfish offers a complete state-of-the-art digital video analysis solution to enhance athletes understanding of how they can improve performance.  Using cameras filming at extremely high speeds, Dartfish analysts can pinpoint exactly how an athlete needs to adjust technique, like a subtle change in the way a runner lifts a leg.  Even athletes like Usain Bolt use Dartfish to optimize their performance.

While it helped many Olympic athletes achieve their optimal performance it can be used to also assist patients in their rehabilitation process.  Rehab Plus Physical Therapy Scottsdale uses Dartfish to help target how certain movements may be contributing to patients injury and pain.  Through the use of this product we have been able to accelerate recovery time in our patients and correct mechanical issues that could result in future injuries.  For our athlete population we use this to help them optimize performance in their sport.  Interested in learning more contact our Rehab Plus Scottsdale location at 480-419-3500.  We are located at 10115 E. Bell Rd. Suite 101 (Bell Rd. and Thompson Peak Pkwy.)