New treatment for those injuries that just don’t heal

Have you had nagging tendonitis? Is that post surgical scar tissue limiting you mobility? Or have you had the same injury re-occur over and over?  Maybe it is time to look into ASTYM.  So what is ASTYM?  ASTYM stands for ‘Augmented Soft-Tissue Manipulation’ and the average ASTYM program per patient lasts about 6 weeks.  This is a hands on treatment provided by the therapist that encourages proper tissue regeneration.  Watch this video to learn more:  ASTYM Video

Interested in learning more about how ASTYM can help you get results, contact either our Rehab Plus Physical Therapy Phoenix Office at 602-954-7742 or Rehab Plus Physical Therapy Ahwatukee at 480-785-5415 and schedule your appointment today.

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