kids sports

It’s that time of year again and the kids are heading back to school.  Some kids are returning to back to school sports or registering for fall recreational leagues.  There is an old saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.  Hopefully everyone participating in fall sports has prepared efficiently.  This can be one of the most dangerous times for kids and sports related injuries.  Why?

Many athletes begin their preparation months in advance to get optimal results and preparation for the upcoming season.  We work with many NFL players who begin preparation for the following season as soon as they empty their locker from the previous season.  So what can you do now that your child is into Fall sports?




Ideally starting your kids on a preparation program a few months in advance is the best way to minimize your child’s risk of injury.  At Rehab Plus we use all the tools of physical therapy (i.e., modalities, soft tissue work, aquatic recovery, contrast baths, foam rolling, Whole Body Vibration, multiple flexibility protocols) to enhance recovery.   Due to kids hectic weekly schedules with school and sports we are now offering monthly SATURDAY hours.  This is a great way for athletes to get in post practice/game recovery without impacting their weekly training.  We are currently offering Saturday hours for August 17th 8-noon (last appointment at 10:30am).  Feel free to contact us 602-954-7742 for help or suggestions on recovery.  For those going to be involved in Winter Sports, NOW is the time to really ramp up your preparation!  We have programs to improve strength, skills/agility, and endurance.  If you need help give us a call. We’ll take care of you just like we do the pros!  Good luck!