As  we mentioned in a previous newsletter, as we developed the K.I.M. (Knee in Motion) Device, we did ALOT of research and experimenting on maximizing the efficiency of our total knee rehab protocols.  We also have met with a lot of old and new associates to collaborate on achieving GREAT outcomes following total knee replacement.  Twenty Five  years ago the school of thought on getting a knee replacement was to wait until the pain was completely impacting mobility and lifestyle, wait another year then consider it.   Also after surgery activities were limited.  In 2014 things have obviously come a long way.  People are getting knee replacements at a younger age and returning to active lifestyles pretty quickly.  Check out these videos of two of our TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty, or “total knee replacement) patients:

Patrick O’Shea returning to hockey skating 7 weeks post TKA

Mark Matsock returning to skiing 8 weeks post TKA