Let’s be honest physical therapy is tough!  In order to get the best possible results it requires dedication.  We try to make that part easy from our side, but often it takes a whole lot of heart and commitment from our patients.  Here is a great example of one of our patients showing great heart and commitment.  Even though we have seen it thousands of times, this kind of result makes it easy for us to come to work everyday.

During this last year I had a chance to work with a hungry, focused young man named Thomas Coakley.  Thomas grew up in the Phoenix area, attended St Mary’s high school and went on to play college football at NAU.  While playing football, Thomas sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery.  When Thomas arrived at Rehab Plus to begin his physical therapy and start his road to recovery, Thomas explained to me his goals.  His passion for football along with his dream of playing after college, were the driving forces that inspired Thomas to work hard.  He wanted to get back and make a play.  After months of hard work by Rehab Plus, countless hours spent recovering for Thomas, and many of hours I spent coaching, he made it back to the football field.   Good luck!!!    

-Chad Dunn