With temperatures still reaching triple digits it’s hard to say summer’s over, but with school back in session, vacations over, it FEELS like fall!  We had a great summer at Rehab Plus.  Our summer camp actually ran over into the first two weeks of August due to demand.  All participants got alot of work in, learned a lot, and came out better prepared for their respective athletic endeavors.  Some of our guest instructors were:  Jerrryd Bayless (now with the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies), Justin Hickman (now with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts), Darren Mougey (now working in player personnel for the NFL’s Denver Broncos), Deek Pollard (long time NFL and college football coach), Kevin Coble (former Scottsdale Christian H.S., Northwestern basketball,now playing professionally in Japan), and Pete Clifford (former NFL Arizona Cardinals/Tennessee Titans).  

We had some great interns this summer from all over the country.  They were of great help, and , most importantly, they had a great learning experience and enhanced their “real world” skill sets.  We are very proud of our varied internship programs (from Exercise Science/Kinesiology undergrads, to post graduate Physical Therapy students, and everything in between), and we get as much benefit teaching and mentoring them as they do gaining hands on work experience.

We are compiling some great material for future newsletters, if there is something that interests any of you please contact us.  We really enjoy providing informative content that is scientifically based.

We also are in the midst of re-designing our weight room area.   We’ve picked up some great new equipment and are building some custom made items that will really enhance our ability to provide both quality physical therapy outcomes as well as addressing sports specific training and fitness training.  We  are using some of our new strategic partners we’ve mentioned in past posts, as well as other new partners we will soon be introducing to you to branch out and reach different populations.   We’re really excited to launch some of the new programs that we are putting the final touches on. 

That’s all for now.  Enjoy the fall!