Greetings from your friends at Rehab Plus Physical Therapy!  We’ve had a busy spring and have kicked off the summer as busy as ever with lots of stuff happening. Here are just a few updates.

 2012 Summer Sport Performance Camp

Trung Canidate St. Louis Rams

 The first week of our annual summer sports performance camp we had a great guest coach in Trung Candidate.  Trung has worked with us for years, both when he was playing in the NFL  (1st round pick of Rams in 2000) and most recently as a coach.  Trung talked and demonstrated technique work for athletic speed.  Trung KNOWS what he’s doing:  he ran 4.16 40 prior to being drafted and presently coaches Olympic Sprinters and hurdlers.   We’re getting a lot of work done at the camp.

Rod Dowhower (great friend of Rehab Plus, former NFL and collegiate football coach, Quarterback guru) and his wife Nancy were in Phoenix the month of May.  We got to see a lot of high school players with Rod, got to visit with high school coaches and college coaches who were in town looking at local prospects, and we were able to get Rod to share some of his football wisdom with some of our young kids in getting physical therapy and/or training.  Thanks Rod!

Congratulations to Jeremy Staat on completing his cross country bike ride to honor our nations veterans.  Great job Jeremy. To learn more about the great work Jeremy is doing visit the Jeremy Staat Foundation.

We’ve got a good bunch of interns this summer, including 3rd year physical therapy student Shawn Rice.  We also have 5 undergrad interns from ASU, one from Illinois State, and one from Nebraska.  They are all doing a great job.   

We have been very fortunate to have been in this business for almost 25 years now.  During that time we have developed relationships with people from all walks of life.  Recently Richard Obert, who writes for the Arizona Republic and blogs at posted a column called “30 in 30” where he rated the top 30 high school athletes he has covered while working on high school sports in Arizona.  Of the 30 athletes he listed, we had worked with, or  had contact with 20 of them.  Of the top 10 he listed, here are our Rehab Plus Alumni:


1. Mike Bibby- Basketball- Shadow Mountain, U of A, NBA, started with Mike when he was in 8th grade.

3. Richard Jefferson- Basketball-  Moon Valley, U of A, NBA, still see Richard in the summer, will probably hit up our camp for an appearance.

5. Misty Hyman- Swimming- Shadow Mountain, Stanford, Gold Medalist.  J.R. worked with Misty through high school, we did a lot of therapy on her shoulders as well (swimming will do that to you!)

 6. Gary Hall Jr.-Swimming- Brophy, multiple gold medal winner in the Olympics.  Having Gary and his crew at the old Phoenix Swim Club back in the day provides great

A quick update from our Rehab Plus Ahwatukee and Rehab Plus Scottsdale location

We want to congratulate Keith Pritchette, owner and physical therapist, of the Rehab Plus Ahwatukee location on his recent wedding to Elena (Stern) Pritchette.  Also Keith is expanding his practice with the addition of Sarah Thompson, PT, DPT to his team. 

Rehab Plus Scottsdale is settling into their new location in Scottsdale and are loving it.  Jeff Kitchen, owner and physical therapist of the Rehab Plus Scottsdale location, is in the process of adding another Athletic Trainer to his team and has physical therapist Denise White working with him to expand the Aquatic Physical Therapy service.

Wheew!  Thank you for all your support and have a great summer!

Warren Anderson