We have always prided ourselves on giving patients the most comprehensive rehab protocol to return them to their activity of choice.  We are always “searching for a better mousetrap” and are continually working in-house on protocol development as well as scouring the clinical research data.  While we were developing the K.I.M. (Knee in Motion) device (reference archives for previous articles) we came up with an attachment for foot and ankle rehab called the “A.I.M.” or Ankle in Motion device.  It simply attaches to the machine and provides range of motion benefits previously very difficult to attain with manual therapy techniques.  Check out this cool video with Mitch Bruning, PT, taking Michael Humphreys through a program on the A.I.M.  Michael started as a true freshman on the Stanford basketball team this year and suffered a severe ankle sprain late in the season.  We have been getting tremendous range of motion outcomes on the A.I.M. machine.




In addition to the necessary modalities, soft tissue mobilization and manual therapy techniques are another critical component of foot and ankle rehab.  Here is another short video of Mitch performing manual therapy techniques on a patient.



Part 2 we’ll get to some of the exercise protocols we use to treat foot and ankle injuries.