New website launch!

Thank you for visiting our new website!  Over the next few weeks we are going to be adding content, but would love to get your feedback on what you like and don’t like about the website.  Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! [formidable id=33 title=true]

K.I.M Machine: Getting the Best Outcome after Total Knee Surgery

As  we mentioned in a previous newsletter, as we developed the K.I.M. (Knee in Motion) Device, we did ALOT of research and experimenting on maximizing the efficiency of our total knee rehab protocols.  We also have met with a lot of old and new associates to collaborate on achieving GREAT outcomes following total knee replacement.  […]

NFL Super Bowl Pick the Winner Contest!

Picking this year’s Super Bowl is tough because it’s being played in New York City, actually New Jersey, and the weather conditions will be less than optimal. With that being said, we polled some friends from our “expert panel” to get their predictions on the Super Bowl. For those that care, Denver is a 2 […]

What’s Old is New Again!

Ecclesiates 1:9- “There is nothing new under the sun”. I recently attended a conference that dealt with some new “cutting edge” performance protocols and it got me to thinking.  Following are a couple examples: 1960 something –  As a young boy I remember going to karate lessons and the first thing the sensei talked about was “Ki”, […]

“Pearls of Wisdom”: Part 1 and Raymonds Picks!

“There is a large abyss between the mountains of Knowledge and Wisdom.  Wisdom is obtained by experiences.  It is refined via the fires of tribulation and adversity.  Wisdom is a slow, laborious process that can not be rushed or obtained by just volitional drive or random accumulation of Knowledge” We thought it would be kind […]

Rehab Plus Ahwatukee New Location GRAND OPENING!

While Rehab Plus Ahwatukee Physical Therapy has been providing physical therapy in Ahwatukee since 2009 and has consecutively been rated a “Best of Ahwatukee” every year. We are sad to announce that we have to be moving on……….to a much, MUCH BIGGER LOCATION!!! We aren’t moving far, just a few doors down and are happy […]

The Facts on Heat Illness

Did you know that 70% of high school football players begin their practice dehydrated? Or that a football player can lose up to a gallon of sweat during an average practice or game? Even slight dehydration can hinder performance in an athlete; losing 1.5%-2% of your body weight in fluid can cause fatigue and affect […]