Our staff at Rehab Plus is committed to staying on top of cutting edge technology and research in our industry.  We are also fortunate to have a wide network of  associates we can rely upon to get great information. Here are some of the topics we are consistently asked about: Biologics, i.e. Stem Cell Therapy, […]

Come join us at the Sunfare Health Run 5k/10k October 19, 2014!

Rehab Plus Phoenix has a longstanding relationship with Sunfare.  They provide awesome to-your-door healthy meal options that suit everyone from the professional athlete to the average “Joe”.  Come join us at the Sunfare Health Run 5k/10k this October 19, 2014.  For more information follow this link:  

Tough Times Go Away, Tough People Don’t!

For years we have worked with people from all over the country to meet their physical therapy and sports performance training needs.   We know that for a person to experience great success in anything they do, they need to have heart, mental toughness, and are COMPETITIVE.  Some people have that unstoppable spirit and because of […]

BMX Legend Eddy King’s Road Back from Injury

Many of you know our own Chad Dunn used to compete as a nationally ranked BMX rider.  Well when he heard one of his hero’s BMX Legend  Eddie King had seriously injured his spinal cord in a mountain biking accident Chad reached out to him and offered the services of Rehab Plus. Eddie started working with […]

Arthroscopic Surgery: A True Game Changer

Knowing that literally thousands and thousands of our patients have undergone arthroscopic surgery, the following is a pretty cool historical perspective of the history and evolution of arthroscopic surgery.  Makes you appreciate modern medicine and the beauty of innovation. Check out this article:

Part 2: Total Knee Replacement – Choose the right path

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our series on total knee replacement success stories.  We are fortunate to attract highly motivated, focused individuals to join us in the collaborative effort to achieve optimal results following knee replacement surgery.  This installment we’d like to give you some thoughts on if/when someone is a candidate for a […]

Physical Therapy Treats Dizziness?

by Sarah Thompson, DPT When you think about physical therapy, thoughts of shoulders, knees, and exercise are likely to come to mind.  Not very many people associate dizziness with the practice of physical therapy, but that is something that I am hoping to change. Dizziness is one of the most common complaints reported to physicians. […]

Should I stretch before I workout?

The simple answer is yes and no, it all depends on what you define as stretching.  Before you think, well that piece of advice is no help, let me explain. There are 2 different forms of stretching and when you use them it can mean the difference between increased flexibility and sports performance or an injury.  […]

Inspiring video on adversity, dedication, and success

Let’s be honest physical therapy is tough!  In order to get the best possible results it requires dedication.  We try to make that part easy from our side, but often it takes a whole lot of heart and commitment from our patients.  Here is a great example of one of our patients showing great heart […]

Heel pain that won’t go away!

  Aww….fall season is here and the weather is wonderful!  I think I might go for a run, time to pull out my old running shoes and hit the pavement.  The next morning I wake up and step out of bed and felt like someone drove a spike through my heel.  The first few steps […]