Congratulations to Grey Ruegemer on induction into ASU Sports Hall of Fame!

Grey Ruegamer

Big shout out to our buddy Grey Ruegemer on getting inducted into ASU Sports Hall of Fame at halftime of this Saturday’s ASU-Stanford game.  Following his career at ASU Grey played 11 years in the NFL, winning 2 Super Bowls (one with New England and one with the New York Giants).  Grey is currrently doing private coaching with all levels of football and sports performance as well as writing for a professional football website as well as a marketing consultant for a nutrional company…. AND pursuing his Masters Degree in Sports Science.  Needless to say Grey’ has a  relentless work ethic and focus that he brings everyday and is a HUGE part of him being a Hall of Fame inductee. 


Ray’s Picks Week 4


Ray’s Picks for this week:

Penn State 44 UMASS 27  UMASS plus 27


East Carolina 41  North Carolina 24  East Carolina minus 2


Rice 34 Old Dominion 24   Rice minus 7


U of A 38  Cal 34    Cal plus 9 1/2

Tough Times Go Away, Tough People Don’t!

For years we have worked with people from all over the country to meet their physical therapy and sports performance training needs.   We know that for a person to experience great success in anything they do, they need to have heart, mental toughness, and are COMPETITIVE.  Some people have that unstoppable spirit and because of that they experience greater success than others.  We love to have these people in our clinic because they raise the bar for everyone, including us!  Over the next couple of weeks we are going to display some of these people.  We hope they motivate you, as they continue to motivate us.  This is why we look forward to showing up to work everyday!

This Week’s “Tough Guy”: Eddie King

We recently brought you Eddie’s story and wanted to give you an update on his progress.  He began his road back at a rehab facility in California, and came to work with us starting the summer of this year.  Eddie has made great progress thus far, and is committed to walking AND competing again.  Make no mistake, Eddie COMPETES every time he is rehabbing at our clinic and it is the competitive spirit that drives Eddie, and everyone for that matter, that is committed to achieving a goal.  The video above is an amazing example of the hard work and effort he has put in to get to this point, considering where he was a little less than a year ago.  Like us on Facebook and follow Eddie’s story!  September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.  Here are some links for you to see how you can help:


We got some other tough people we are going to recognize in the next couple weeks, people that are working with us at Rehab Plus, people that have overcome great adversity to move forward in their lives.  We’ve put together some PEARLS OF WISDOM regarding toughness we hope you enjoy:

Pearls of Wisdom: TOUGHNESS


“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscle”

Alex Karras


“Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain”

Mark Twain


Ray’s Week 2 Picks


Ray went 2 for 3 last week and he has given us his week 2 picks:  Here they are!

Oregon 34 Michigan State 27 (MSU plus 13)

BYU 27  Texas 24  (BYU minus 1 1/2)


College Football is Back and So is Raymond Babbitt!


We have been getting numerous requests for the return of our college football prognosticator with the season approaching,  Well, Raymond is back and has provided us his 1st week picks.  If you were watching Ray’s picks last year then you know he came out like gangbusters, so take heed to his early picks. 



1.LSU minus 4 1/2 vs. Wisconsin


Prediction:  LSU 24  Wisconsin 13


2. Cal plus 12 vs. Northwestern


Prediction:  Northwestern 27 Cal 20


3.  UCLA minus 23 1/2 vs  Virginia


Prediction:  UCLA 45 Virginia 17

Enjoy the return of football and have a safe Labor Day!

BMX Legend Eddy King’s Road Back from Injury

Many of you know our own Chad Dunn used to compete as a nationally ranked BMX rider.  Well when he heard one of his hero’s BMX Legend  Eddie King had seriously injured his spinal cord in a mountain biking accident Chad reached out to him and offered the services of Rehab Plus. Eddie started working with us back in July and has been making great progress ever since.  When it comes to recovery after a serious injury Chad says, “You have to have the mindset that nothing is going to keep you down.”  Eddie has that and more.  In BMX News article one week following his accident in October 2013, Eddie stated, “To all those concerned about my mental state, it’s rock solid. I’ve always lived by the motto, “No matter how bad you have it, there is always someone out there that has it worse than you.”  This attitude has helped him make impressive gains in the 11 months following his accident.   For more information about how you can help visit Eddie King Foundation.  Check out these videos of his progress:

Arizona Central Names Top 10 St. Mary’s Football Players of All-Time

St. Mary's

Our friend Richard Obert at AZ Central Sports put out an article on the Top 10 St. Mary’s Football Players of All-Time.  Rehab Plus has enjoyed a long relationship with St. Mary’s High School.  Through that time we’ve had the opportunity to work with alot of great people and players over there.  We thought it was real cool our friend Ryan Kealy was voted the top St. Mary’s football player of all-time on the Arizona Central list.  We also wanted to recognize some other former Knights who weren’t on the list, but advanced from St. Mary’s onto the National Football League:

1. Damon Pieri(San Diego State)   Carolina Panthers.  Teacher/head football coach at Sunnyslope High School.

2. Kevin Scott(Stanford)                  Detroit Lions

3. Keaton Kristick(Oregon State)   San Francisco 49ers

4. Justin Hickman(UCLA)               Indianapolis Colts

5. Shaun McDonald(ASU)                St. Louis Rams


Do you agree with Richard?  Who would you put on the list?  Post in the comments below!

Rehab Plus Phoenix’s own Hal Wyatt included in the 49er’s new Levi Stadium “Wall of Fame”!


Our own Hal Wyatt, ATC, has been honored by the San Francisco 49ers at their new stadium’s “Wall of Fame”.  Hal presently is our director of Athletic Training and oversees the medical care at St. Mary’s High School.  This is pretty cool memobrilia, Hal actually made an amplified voice box for a quarterback named Steve DeBerg (the guy before Joe Montana) who lost his voice due to  a hit to  the throat.  The cowboy boots are all Hal!

Hal rigged up a way to amplify Steve DeBergs voice after injury
Hal rigged up a way to amplify Steve DeBergs voice after injury
Hal's Boots
Hal’s Boots

Stem Cell Therapy, the next big thing sports medicine?

Sports Gene

As part of our ongoing series on the potential of stem cell therapy and sports we are seeing a lot of interest in the field of sports medicine on how to utilize this in injury recovery.  Following is a great piece on the use of stem cell treatment in the professional athlete setting.  We are following the progress in this field and will keep you updated on this as we get more updates.