Motion is the Best Lotion

This is one of our favorite sayings at Rehab Plus.  In essence, the bulk of what we do in physical therapy is based on movement: be it restoration of range of motion after an injury, teaching/coaching/cueing correct movement patterns (be it walking, running, throwing, etc.), understanding balance and functional transfer of weight, we could go […]

Thanks to All Our Fall Interns

Much thanks to all of our fall interns.  They’ve done a great job! Javier, Arielle and Sam will be graduating from ASU and probably going to physical therapy school. Mariola will be heading back to Chicago to finish up the last part of her physical therapy program at the University of Illinois-Chicago. We’ll miss them […]

BMX Legend Eddy King Fights to Walk Again

On October 6, 2013, BMX legend, Eddy King suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury after falling off his bike.  On his 2 year anniversary of his accident, we wanted to give an update on Eddy’s amazing recovery and journey to walking without wheelchairs or canes.   Please watch the video. With spinal cord injuries there […]

Technology in Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

USING TECHNOLOGY EFFECTIVELY IN PHYSICAL THERAPY AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE / KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!   The world is certainly a different place now than it was a year or two ago, much less ten years ago.  Technology has become an increasing part of our every day lives and some aspect of technology touches everything we encounter. […]

Grudge Match: Danny vs Ann

REHAB PLUS GRUDGE MATCH:  DAN HERRLE AND ANN MARIE SQUARE OFF IN 400 METER RACE   While we all try to work hard and service our patients to the best of our ability, we also try to have fun.  As such, our staff at Rehab Plus is always competing with each other in one way […]


While we always have interns with us in the clinic (physical therapy students doing clinical rotations, undergrad exercise science students , and master’s level exercise physiology, biomechanics, and bio engineering students) this summer we have our first intern in entrepreneurship! A Brophy graduate, and currently enrolled at St. Louis University, T.J. Decker is an honor […]

Young Athletes Begin Speed Camp this Week

Week 1 of our Annual Speed Camp with Warren Anderson is in the books.  We have a great crew of young athletes from Brophy Prep, St. Mary’s High School, Harvard University, Seton Catholic High School, Arcadia High School, Ingleside Middle School, and Madison Traditional among other schools around the valley.   Athletes, both boys and […]

An Intern’s Experience at Rehab Plus

Many of you got to know Karly very well over the last few months.  Karly has finished her ASU internship with us and hopefully, we have convinced her to go to physical therapy school or scared her to death, not sure.  We appreciate Karly’s hard work, dedication to providing our patients with excellent customer service […]

Single Sport vs. Multiple Sport (Part 2)

In part 2 of our Single Sport vs. Multiple Sport discussion, we provide commentaries from our staff  on a great article we found written by sports writer, Jonah Keri called The Tommy John Epidemic:  What’s Behind the Rapid Increase of Pitchers Undergoing Elbow Surgery?  In the article, the author talks with Dr. Glenn Fleisig who […]