In an earlier post we talked the about the power of eating properly, and the great results we have experienced with Sunfare Foods ( .   We also talked about the importance of getting adequate rest (sleep) for recovery.  OBVIOUSLY,  when dealing with an injury eating properly and getting rest (in conjunction with physical therapy!) takes on a greater magnitude.  For simplicity sake, we are going to keep the context of this article to dealing with soft tissue injuries.  Also, before we get started, understand the human  body will go through different phases of healing after an injury.  Most medical professionals will refer to these phases as: (1) Reaction: Inflammatory phase (2 ) Regeneration and Repair:  The Fibro-elastic/Collagen Forming Phase, and,(3) The Remodeling Phase. The goal in dealing with an injury is to manage inflammation by controlling pain and swelling, and to assist with the remodeling phase to promote tissue repair.

Following are some thoughts on how to utilize nutrition to enhance healing:


Processed sugars and starches, trans fats, industrial vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, etc.) are all foods that will promote an inflammatory response in the body.


Fresh fruits high in anti-oxidants (the darker the fruit, the higher the anti-oxidant content), fresh vegetables : Both these items will help promote adequate vitamin and mineral status, in addition to providing phytonutrients and that help fight inflammation.  Eat “good” fats:  avocados, various nuts, extra virgin olive oil, and wild fatty fish (Salmon!).  Research has consistently shown that essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are a potent anti-inflammatory agent as well as providing nutrients for heart health.


Vitamin C-  In addition to being a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin c also is involved in the synthesis of collagen. (Recommend 500mg 1-2x daily)

Vitamin D-  Aids in calcium absorbtion and may help in pain management (Recommend 300 IU/day)

Fish Oil-     May help IN ADDITION to getting through food.  (Recommend 2g/day– Focus on Omega 3’s i.e. EPA/DHA)  ***#1 recommended supplement

L-Glutamine-   Considered a non-essential amino acid, yet it is the most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle pool.  Has been used in critical care medicine to restore immune system function, some research has shown it to enhance recovery from muscle damage (either exercise induced or injury).  (Recommend powder form, 10-15mg/day).


Bromelain-  A potent enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties, found in pineapple, so.. consider eating a cup of pineapple a day, or throw a cup of pineapple into your smoothie, or consider the supplement form (Recommend 500-1000mg/day)

Curcumin-  Found in the popular Indian spice tumeric, which is a member of the ginger family.  Some research has shown curcumin to have numerous healing properties, among them the ability to combat inflammation (Recommend 1-2G/day)


We’ve just touched the surface here on nutrional healing, but this may give you some starter ideas.  Let us know what you think.


Warren Anderson