On October 6, 2013, BMX legend, Eddy King suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury after falling off his bike.  On his 2 year anniversary of his accident, we wanted to give an update on Eddy’s amazing recovery and journey to walking without wheelchairs or canes.   Please watch the video.

With spinal cord injuries there is no definite recovery or outcome.  Eddy has proven that the body can and will heal.  Function can be regained through hard work and dedication.  As Eddy says “there is no blue print for recovery from a spinal cord injury”.

Eddy’s trainer, Chad Dunn, says “we have taken an athletic approach to Eddy’s rehabilitation, incorporating training movements, not single muscles.  We always say around here, ‘It’s not where you start, but where you finish’, and Eddy is a great testimomy to that”.