BCBS of Arizona Changes

Since our original newsletter a couple weeks ago alerting our friends and patients to the changes in Blue Cross/Blue Shield for 2016, we have been inundated with people contacting us with really good questions, and really good information. We are only trying to help everyone understand the changes taking place, and being able to make an informed, educated decision regarding one’s healthcare. Rest assured, we have reached out to people we know in both the benefits side of health insurance as well as administrators trying to get as much information as we can. IF you purchased a Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO individual plan more than 5 years ago, you are grandfathered into the plan and may continue to see the healthcare providers OF YOUR CHOICE if you choose to maintain your present. IF you choose to join the “narrow network” i.e. Alliance Network or Select Network plans, you can only see the healthcare providers inside the hospital system,of which Rehab Plus will not participate. We would suggest you check with your physicians and healthcare providers to make sure they are contracted with whatever health plan you choose. We will continue to research this area and will continue to keep you updated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Rehab Plus, Inc.

Motion is the Best Lotion

This is one of our favorite sayings at Rehab Plus.  In essence, the bulk of what we do in physical therapy is based on movement: be it restoration of range of motion after an injury, teaching/coaching/cueing correct movement patterns (be it walking, running, throwing, etc.), understanding balance and functional transfer of weight, we could go on an on.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of teaching MOVEMENT.  Be it a  neuro patient learning to walk again to a prospective NFL draft pick learning how to run the fastest 40 yard dash he is capable of, to everything in between, teaching proper MOVEMENT is one of our specialties.

The following piece is a little technical, but we found it pretty cool.  It’s about a boxer called “Chocalatito”(considered one of the best pound for pound boxers in the world) and his use of proper footwork and balance to maximize his boxing efficiency.  The piece is called “The Art of Moving”.  Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to All Our Fall Interns

Much thanks to all of our fall interns.  They’ve done a great job! Javier, Arielle and Sam will be graduating from ASU and probably going to physical therapy school. Mariola will be heading back to Chicago to finish up the last part of her physical therapy program at the University of Illinois-Chicago. We’ll miss them all!

BMX Legend Eddy King Fights to Walk Again

On October 6, 2013, BMX legend, Eddy King suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury after falling off his bike.  On his 2 year anniversary of his accident, we wanted to give an update on Eddy’s amazing recovery and journey to walking without wheelchairs or canes.   Please watch the video.

With spinal cord injuries there is no definite recovery or outcome.  Eddy has proven that the body can and will heal.  Function can be regained through hard work and dedication.  As Eddy says “there is no blue print for recovery from a spinal cord injury”.

Eddy’s trainer, Chad Dunn, says “we have taken an athletic approach to Eddy’s rehabilitation, incorporating training movements, not single muscles.  We always say around here, ‘It’s not where you start, but where you finish’, and Eddy is a great testimomy to that”.

Technology in Physical Therapy and Sports Performance



The world is certainly a different place now than it was a year or two ago, much less ten years ago.  Technology has become an increasing part of our every day lives and some aspect of technology touches everything we encounter.  Keeping up with technology and implenting it into one’s business effectively is a challenge for all, Rehab Plus included.  Following is a pretty cool article we found about how the St. Louis Rams are embracing technology to more effectively teach and connect with a very young team made up mostly of “millenials”.




Here are just a couple of examples of how we’re using some elements of technology to deliver better care:


  1. Home Exercise Programs-  No need to draw stick figures of exercises, or hand out some “boiler plate” home exercise program.  In many cases, we have started to video patients performing selected home exercises, then text or email to them.  This way the patient gets visual “real time” feedback, the sets and reps are verbally spoken, the proper technique is “cued”, demonstrated, and corrected,  and all they have to do is go to their smart phone and it’s right in front of them.
  1. “Coaches Eye”- This is a great app that allows us to tape, then analyze mechanical efficiency (i.e gait correction, postural correction, etc.) and then text or email to the patient so they can study themselves.  For “visual” learners this is a great teaching tool.  And it’s a free download app.  We have used this app extensively with athletic performance as well as clinical physical therapy.
  1. Digital Correspondence-  As simple as it sounds, once we have patients in our system, the ability to text or email personally and privately with the patient can be a very time effective tool.

Summer Camp a Success




Once again we had a fun and successful summer camp with a lot of youngsters showing great physical improvement and athletic development.  We also saw great progress in critical thinking and mental toughness in each participant.  We had 10 -15 kids all summer ranging in ages from 9 – 20 coming from Brophy Prep, St. Mary’s HS, Seton Catholic HS, Harvard, Stanford, Arcadia HS, Ingleside, and even one from the state of Virginia. Thanks to all our special guest coaches and lecturers (you can catch them on our Facebook page) which included former NFL players, coaches, college players, and CEO’s of major corporations. They gave great advice for sports, school and life.  Special thanks to Coach Chad and Coach Danny for helping out.

We have ongoing athletic development training throughout the year, and due to overwhelming demand we are going to try and arrange some more group class offerings.  We should also point out that NOW is the time to get ready for fall or spring sports, not 2 weeks before the season begins.  “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.  Same goes for recreational athletes getting ready for the skiing/snowboarding season or those getting ready for the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, or whatever.  We even have a group of guys that come in to train in preparation for the fall and winter hunting seasons.  We’re here to help!

T-Shirt Promotion


The new Rehab Plus T-shirts are in and everybody is trying to get their hands on them.  So how can you get yours?  Well they usually run $20.00, but for the month of August we are running a promotion for our PHYSICAL THERAPY clients.  From August 1 – August 31, if you attend 12 physical therapy visits, we will give you a T-shirt for FREE!!!  So in the month of August, if you attended 12 phyical therapy sessions, ask for your FREE T-shirt.

Also, for our loyal past clients and patients, if you refer a friend or family member to Rehab Plus and they become a patient, we will give you a T-shirt for FREE!!! Just make sure they mention your name in the “How did you here about us” section of the intake form. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (602) 954-7742.