Rehab Plus physical therapy is proud to announce that we are now ASTYM providers.  Stubborn soft tissue injuries result when inappropriate healing occurs in muscles, tendons or ligaments.  Scar tissue can be part of your body’s normal healing process, but sometimes the scarring gets out of control. In these cases, scar tissue becomes disorganized and crazy-it looks like steel wool. Healthy tissue lies down in nice, tidy organized lines. Scar tissue can restrict the natural movement of soft tissue, and those restrictions can cause pain. Degenerative tendons are simply not producing enough healthy cells and collagen (the stuff that gives tendons their strength.) A degenerative tendon is unhealthy, has poor blood flow and is prone to weakness and injury.

The ASTYM system works to heal both the problem of scar (inappropriate healing) and degeneration (lack of proper healing.)  Contact us today to see how this system can help you.