St. Mary's

Our friend Richard Obert at AZ Central Sports put out an article on the Top 10 St. Mary’s Football Players of All-Time.  Rehab Plus has enjoyed a long relationship with St. Mary’s High School.  Through that time we’ve had the opportunity to work with alot of great people and players over there.  We thought it was real cool our friend Ryan Kealy was voted the top St. Mary’s football player of all-time on the Arizona Central list.  We also wanted to recognize some other former Knights who weren’t on the list, but advanced from St. Mary’s onto the National Football League:

1. Damon Pieri(San Diego State)   Carolina Panthers.  Teacher/head football coach at Sunnyslope High School.

2. Kevin Scott(Stanford)                  Detroit Lions

3. Keaton Kristick(Oregon State)   San Francisco 49ers

4. Justin Hickman(UCLA)               Indianapolis Colts

5. Shaun McDonald(ASU)                St. Louis Rams


Do you agree with Richard?  Who would you put on the list?  Post in the comments below!