11006372_10150471893519960_5057536484973326690_nMany of you got to know Karly very well over the last few months.  Karly has finished her ASU internship with us and hopefully, we have convinced her to go to physical therapy school or scared her to death, not sure.  We appreciate Karly’s hard work, dedication to providing our patients with excellent customer service and greeting every patient with a smile.  We will miss Karly and we wish her all the best in the future.  Karly left us with kind words of her experience with us that we would like to share.

“My experience interning at Rehab Plus- Phoenix has increased my understanding of the importance of exercise to prevent and heal injuries. One of my favorite experiences was to work with a patient who had issues with both of her knees; her first day at the clinic she could hardly walk without assistance. By the time I left she was walking on her own and completing the exercises given with enthusiasm. The enthusiasm came not only because she saw the improvement in herself, but also because she started understanding the importance of the exercises for her. This occurred because of the knowledge, patience, and skill set of the PTs, PTA’s, and exercise specialists at the clinic. The staff is very knowledgeable and they are so willing to help their patients get better. I loved my time here and I plan to make what I learned here the foundation for future rehab experiences.”


Karly N.